John Thomas Financial Announces the Expansion of Its Investment Banking Division

John Thomas Financial, a firm that started from a small independent brokerage to one of the most prominent and reliable names in Wall Street, has covered a new landmark in 2012. A member of NASDAQ, FINRA and SIPC, John Thomas Financial has just added a new figure to its leadership team comprised of the CEO Thomas Belesis, the Chief Economist Mike Norman and Chief Market Analyst Wayne Kaufman. Avi Mirman has been appointed as the new Head of Investment Banking Division of the company. Mirman is an experienced investment banking professional who has worked with organizations such as BMA Securities and GunnAllen over a period of 19 years from the first month of 2012.

With this development and the profile of Mirman that covers a volume of over $ 2 billion in transactions, John Thomas Financial is expected to offer investment banking services with an even greater focus. A political science graduate from the State University of New York, Mirman had led his branch of GunnAllen to become one of the top 2 nationwide out of the total of 250. However, Mirman is not the only man joining John Thomas Financial in this particular area.

He will be assisted by Russ Steward, a finance professional with 20 years of experience in investment banking, financial analysis, merchant banking and due diligence, who has been appointed the Managing Director of the Investment Banking Division of the firm. Steward has already worked with Mirman before for a number of years. Russ Steward has worked as the Senior Vice President at SMH Capital and is experienced in dealing with middle market companies. A certified financial analyst, Russ Steward holds a Ph. D. in Business Administration from the Century University, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and MBA from the Anderson School of the UCLA.

Thomas Belesis, the CEO of John Thomas Financial has expressed his satisfaction over inducing Mirman and Steward in the company. He expects the company to produce even better investment products addressing institutional clientele through the experienced leadership of Mirman. Belesis believes that the new addition to the management of the firm will significantly increase the likelihood of attracting high net worth individuals to its portfolio.

Starting from a boutique level brokerage firm of three employees in 2007, John Thomas Financial has come a long way to establish itself as a prominent independent brokerage firm and financial service of over 200 employees. The firm is only expected to grow and cover new milestones with the addition of capable and experienced professionals such as Avi Mirman and Russ Steward to its team.





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